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Virgo Maria Newsletter - N°208

Tuesday, February 24, 2009The voice of fighters for survival of valid sacraments

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- SCOOP - SSPX faithfull in Paris rebel against Vatican II “NO to Vatican II ”

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Publication


Church Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet (Paris)SCOOP ! SSPX faithfull in Paris rebel against Vatican II and the selling out of the SSPX to Rome led by bishop Fellay. Thousands of leaflets have been distributed in the church Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet (Paris) on Sunday, February 21st, 2009.  collectifsaintnicolas@hotmail.fr The laymen are now upset by the situation of the SSPX, and they are rebelling in the French parish against the selling out of SSPX to Rome led by Bishop Fellay, because of the lukewarm priests hypnotized by Benedict-Ratzinger and the false “processus” with New Vatican, followed by the Superior of the SSPX. Since 32 years, never such an event occurred. This is an earthquake in the SSPX. The laymen do not anymore trust Bishop Fellay and his secret policy, his “enlighted” speeches about the disguise of the phony-“miracles” of the two sacrilegious Rosary “Crusades”. Bishop Fellay was already bamboozled in the past by Mrs Cornaz, a false mystic. Faithfull do not accept anymore lies and stupid childish under-minded stories about the lift of “excommunications”. They want to continue the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre against Benedict-Ratzinger and Vatican II and their heresies. They want to save their souls et the souls of their children. They want to keep valid sacraments

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