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Virgo Maria Newsletter - N°263

Monday, June 22, 2009The voice of fighters for survival of valid sacraments

The Last News...

Letter from Arnaud Upinsky, President of French National Writers Union of France, to Bishop Tissier de Mallerais (SSPX)

Saturday, June 20, 2009 Publication


Bishop Tissier de Mallerais (SSPX)A. Upinsky interrogates him “about his duty to make public amends for his repeated silence with regard to the twenty last years of « Archbishop Lefebvre’s fight against the destruction of the Mass ».”
“During his lecture of March 13, 2009 [note from VM : in the church Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris, France], he was found to be economical with the truth :

  • He concealed Archbishop Lefebvre’s claim to continue the visible Catholic Church
  • He concealed the invalidity of Paul VI’s New Mass
  • He concealed Archbishop Lefebvre’s vetoing the canonical integration in the « apostate » conciliar church
  • He concealed Archbishop Lefebvre’s foundation of an organization supplementing the Holy See.”

This repeated silence was intended to prevent the total contradiction in which the Fraternity of St. Pius X finds itself these days from being put into full light. Once revealed, this contradiction would oblige it either to break off the talks or to repudiate Archbishop Lefebvre.  
By covering with his authority the exclusion of the Truth as wished by Rome and necessary to pave the way for incorporation, bishop Tissier de Mallerais has turned his back to the ideal of Truth that has shaped the glory of Western civilization.
These concealments are very serious. Formidable issues like power – religious, political, and civilizational – are at stake. Hence :  

  • - The strangling of the Fraternity since the agreement of 2000
  • - The aim : the sacramental power
  • - The need of public amends" A.Upinsky
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  • [1] Letter from Arnaud Upinsky to Bishop Tissier de Mallerais (SSPX) - Download in PDF PDF

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