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Friday, November 28th 2008

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The failure of the snare procession of ‘reconciliation’ of Lourdes falls upon Father de Cacqueray : Suresnes (HQ SSPX in FR) tries to clear itself

 The conciliar counterfeit « priest » (white alb) leads the procession-gathering

The conciliar counterfeit « priest »  (white alb) leads the procession-gathering :
the conciliar ones on the left side and the SSPX clergy (3+1 bishops) at the right side

Who wanted to  betray Archbishop Lefebvre ?

The « little Assisi » of the SSPX in Lourdes has provoked a rejection by many of the laity and the clergy.

During the pilgrimage of the SSPX to Lourdes on the 25th of October 2008, the arrangements of the priests of Suresnes propelled the clergy and the laity in a hybrid procession, directed by the conciliar authorities in charge of the sanctuary. Some priests left the procession. In the evening, the protests of the laity multiplied, and at the end of the evening about one hundred worshippers made a scandal in front of the bishops, in their hotel. Faced with the fiasco of his organisation, Father De Cacqueray tries to clear himself, blaming  «a problem of getting through to the microphone ». The snare procession, initiated by the infiltrated core, has failed and it has shown the deep rejection of a hypothetical accord with Rome.

We will give greater coverage to the three days of the Christ the King pilgrimage organized by the SSPX to Lourdes on October 25, 26 and 27, 2008.

This is our first message on this pilgrimage that the SSPX wanted to be a reunion of the greatest amount of believers in its history.

To start with a remarkable fact, the snare procession on Saturday evening on the sanctuary’s plaza has branded this pilgrimage and plunged, for one evening, clergy and laymen of the SSPX in the horror of a ceremony together with the reunited and the conciliar ones lead by the conciliar management of the sanctuary.

 We collected several testimonies that we present here

The Ite Missa est of the Mass of 18:00h, Saturday 25th, October

The Ite Missa est of the Mass of 18:00h, Saturday 25th, October

The announcement of the procession starts at the end of the 18:00h Mass in the subterranean basilica of Saint Pius X, by the voice of father Cocault-Duverger, member of the small group of the Suresnes based promoters of the FPSSX’ s reunion with Rome.

« Father Cocault-Duverger has asked the worshippers to come together on the plaza at 20:30h, in the direction of the cave. He has declared that there would be a procession in the following order : the horses of the Gardians, followed by the clergy of the SSPX and then the clergy and then the laity. This announcement already made people wonder about the fusion between the pilgrimage of the SSPX and that of the conciliar horsemen (coming from the Camargue). Why this meeting ? Who would be in charge ? »

Father Cocault-Duverger announces the fusion procession together with the conciliar ones, at the end of the Mass

Father Cocault-Duverger announces the fusion procession together with the conciliar ones, at the end of the Mass

« And then, when the meeting started, when the night had already fallen on Lourdes, there was a big, big confusion. Sea scouts leaded worshippers amidst the moving crowd, which made it difficult to move around. There was no way to find out where you were: groups of the SSPX, groups of the reunited ones, of the FSSP, and groups of the conciliar ones mixed: the traditional banners sided with the modern conciliar placards and banners.»

Testimony received on Lourdes

This fusion of the  SSPX pilgrimages and the conciliar ones was obviously fully decided and appropriated by Suresnes, as is shown by the official intervention of father Cocault-Duverger.

 « In the evening a torch procession took place. For the first time  this way the SSPX joined in the official procession organised by the conciliar ones. During this weekend three important pilgrimages took place in Lourdes : that of the Gardians that gathers thousands of pilgrims together each year,  that of Domus Christiani (pamphlet to be found at : uniting large groups Ecclesia Dei (FSSP, ICRSP, IBP...) and finally that of the SSPX. »

 Testimony received on Lourdes

The procession of the conciliar Gardians mixed with that of the SSPX

The procession of the conciliar Gardians mixed with that of the SSPX

 « The sound system again transmitted the  meditation of the mysteries of the rosary. Each decade – the word ‘mystery’  was never used, it was rubbed out - introduced with the reading of some verses of the Holy Gospel by a man, and then a woman gave a short (one or two phrases) meditation. Everything was repeated identically in four or five languages.»

 « For the nativity  of Our Lord  Jesus Christ, the meditation read by the woman declared:

  Like Mary, let us bring into the world this God that saves »

 Testimony received on Lourdes

« Like Mary, let us bring into the world this God that saves» means that each believer realises a hypostatic union, by his will! Thus, salvation is no longer brought by the Word having become flesh, who, by the Incarnation in the womb of the Virgin Mary, comes into this world to offer a sacrifice of atonement for the redemption of our sins, but from now it is man who engenders God, who gets deified and who « brings into the world the one who saves ».  Lourdes loudspeakers spread terrible heresies, denials of the catholic dogma, and it was in such a ceremony that the organizing fathers of Suresnes have pushed the clergy of the SSPX.

Hardly 15 days ago, in Colmar, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais denounced a heresy close by from Ratzinger :

« Well, see how some theologian in 1967, called Joseph Ratzinger, in his course of theology at Tübingen, has dared to think otherwise:

It is not so much that Jesus is God having become man, but he is the man who, surpassing his limits infinitely, has united himself with the infinite : God.

That was an existentialist view, inspired by Heidegger, the great philosopher of  Freiburg im Breisgau, very fashionable at that time. One can think that Jesus is not so much God having become man, in that they are not interested at all, but  it is man making himself God, who becomes Son of God, man who, surpassing his limits, unites himself to God. » Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, October 12, 2008, Colmar

Who would have believed that less than two weeks later, this bishop would find himself, by the fault of Suresnes, dragged into a conciliar ceremony in which it would be said that  « just like Mary », each believer « brings into the world the God that saves » ?

What a shame! Would Archbishop Lefebvre have ever dreamed of that from the side of the Staff of the District of France ? And even less of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais ? Why on earth has he not left this heretic ceremony ? In the name of obedience ? Obedience to whom ? To Our Lord Jesus Christ or to the small clan of modernist priests of Suresnes who may at no price be embarrassed even if that means supporting heresies from now on ?

See where the mortal clerical sophism[1] of « Noah’s mantle » leads to. This is how the Church has been ruined, by refusing to react to clerical infiltrations  since the middle of the XIXth century[2]

The former Anglican, Bishop Williamson

The former Anglican, Bishop Williamson, the only bishop amongst the 4 who seemed delighted and shining brightly in this conciliar environment that represents more and more his hardly secret destination

 « then, later, the loudspeakers blared the following meditation :

 “Together with the peoples of all nations, let us give thanks for the light” »

Fr. Innocent-Marie, Prior of the Dominican Convent of Avrillé

Fr. Innocent-Marie, Prior of the Dominican Convent of Avrillé, torch in hand, jubilant amidst the conciliar procession and its  modernist « meditations » on the « light ». Will the reciting of the « Mysteries of the Light » of the apostate bishop Wojtyla-JPII soon be heard at the convent of La Haye-aux-Bonshommes ?

« The Ave Maria in French was modified and instead of the traditional text :

 “And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus”,

 we heard  at each Ave :

 “And he who is born of the Holy Ghost, Jesus, your child”.

 Also, the use of the familiar ‘tu’ to Our Lord Jesus Christ was obligatory »

 Testimony received on Lourdes

Bishop Fellay turning his back to his declarations of Villepreux, October, 11, 2008

Bishop Fellay turning his back to his declarations of Villepreux, October, 11, 2008 :

As for the procession, the conciliar ones have not changed, but it is Bishop Fellay who  changed the time of  a procession to submit himself to the organisation  of the hybrid procession arranged by father De Cacqueray. Just whereto will this sacrosanct « clerical solidarity » of Bishop Fellay lead him ? What does he need to have his eyes opened up to his entourage ?  

« finally we have not changed, it is they that  have changed., »

« the council is poison and, well, we will not drink this poison. We want to keep our sanity,  we hope to add a C and a T, but at least we will stay sane, with a sane belief, and by that it will become sained, saintly. » Bishop Fellay, October 11, 2008, Villepreux

« It is a disincarnated religion. It is a Gnostic religion, my dear faithful, it is gnosis, with pope Benedict XVI we are in full gnosis ! » Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, October 12, 2008, Colmar

« Then, at the end of the ceremony, the conciliar  liturgical leader, (in white alb, nightgown type) sent out to all clergymen of the  SSPX gathered in front of him :

  ”let us finish exchanging an act of peace”

 and practicing what he preached, he rushed to the first row of priests and bishops in front of him, shook hands, and showing, with big gestures, that made his ‘white nightgown’ even look broader in the dark, his conciliar enthusiasm. 

 Then a  ‘blessing’ was given by the conciliar counterfeit  « bishop » of the pilgrimage of the  Gardians. The clergymen of the  SSPX still present signed themselves with the cross and by doing so openly joined in that counterfeit  ‘blessing’»

 Testimony received on Lourdes 

The conciliar counterfeit « priest » (white alb) leads the procession-gathering

The conciliar counterfeit priest in white alb rushes to the fathers of the SSPX that he will exchange an « act of peace » with: such hypocrisy, after having imposed the conciliar heretical texts and « meditations » on the clergy of the SSPX. Is this the situation sought after the « lifting of the decree of the  excommunications » that Bishop Fellay makes pray for ?

The conciliar counterfeit « priest » (white alb) leads the procession-gathering

The  conciliar counterfeit « priest » (a priori valid ? or probably  valid ? according to Bishop Fellay) in white alb waddles in front of the microphone, while the management of the SSPX, bishops included, stays behind him and keeps silent. Is this how Bishop Fellay wanted to gain the confidence of the faithful, declaring to never leave the faith ? But then, why has he not left the sanctuary and rejected the priests of Suresnes without whose initiative this snare procession never would have taken place ?

« we will not drop the faith, there is  no way to  discuss about he faith, we are not al at all ready tot negotiate the faith,, one cannot negotiate the faith, to put it quite simply the only possible negotiation one can make is to have one’s head cut off, » Bishop Fellay, October 11, 2008, Villepreux

« The  SSPX was granted a short  access to the microphone, the time of the recitation of one Credo in Latin, and the clergy of the SSPX refrained from kneeling one knee at the ground during  the “Et Homo factus  est”, only some faithful who were little used to these mixed ceremonies of  “reconciliation” marginalised themselves by kneeling. »

Testimony received on Lourdes

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais : who did he imitate ?

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais : who did he imitate ? The Macchabees or the reunited ones of Ecclesia Dei bending their backbones « by obedience » ?

« Let us imitate the behaviour of the Macchabees in the Old Testament. (…)It is great. This lesson of the  Macchabees of today, it throws a light for us on the present crisis and on the behaviour that we need to have. Laity as well as clergy. »

« And we the priests, we will reconstruct the temple. That means maintaining the true Mass and the true Doctrine. And what have they done ? They have said : all these altars that have been contaminated by the false cult of idols, they need to be destroyed, and be replaced by new altars, by new stones. »

« Let us fight on, without letting ourselves be disarmed or discouraged by the sights that Rome gives us at the present hour. » Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, October 12, 2008, Colmar

« In the evening there were animated conversations in the cafés and pubs of Lourdes, the faithful reacted vigorously against this procession that had scandalized them.. »

 « The disapproval of the  « modernist procession», its adulterous Ave Maria’s, its heretical prayers-slogans, vapid and bogus, could be heard in the various groups. Imagine the scandal, in particular for foreigners : they have come from far, some of them from other continents, and by the fault of the management of the District of France, they found themselves immersed in the midst of a conciliar procession !»

Testimony received on Lourdes

Bishop de Galarreta in Lourdes

Bishop de Galarreta

Bishop Fellay and Bishop de Galarreta in Lourdes

Bishop Fellay and Bishop de Galarreta : a snare procession and a stitch that breaks

« Faith, and each part of catholic life is like knitting, if you break a stitch it means the end of the knitting. You cannot leave out one stitch » Bishop Fellay, October 11,  2008, Villepreux

 « The very next day, explications circulated among the priests. According to them, it had been arranged that the SSPX would have the microphone of the of the sanctuary’s sound system at it’s disposal and that it would itself lead the procession. But, refusing to hand over the microphone, the authorities of the sanctuary overthrew them and confronted the procession of the SSPX that had already parted with a fait accompli. »

Testimony received on Lourdes

We have learned that some faithful have written to the bishops of the SSPX to denounce this scandal and ask for explications.

We have learned also that, from the end of the procession, scores of faithful have gone to the hotel where the four bishops stayed, in order to ask them for explications about this unacceptable ceremony. We do not know yet their answers. 

It has come to our knowledge also that some priests (and not the least ones!) have left the procession, right form the moment they learned what it all was about, in order to avoid seeming to give their support to this faulty performance with the conciliar ones.

Picture of the « little Assisi of the SSPX » in Lourdes

Picture of the « little Assisi of the SSPX » in Lourdes : conciliar ones left and the staff of the SSPX at the right, behind a conciliar counterfeit- « priest » in white alb who leads the ceremony.

 « one of the grave wrongs is the appeal of the pope when he still was father Ratzinger. Imagine,  an enemy of the Holy Virgin, at that time, I do not know if he has repented now, but at that time, during the council, forty years ago, he was one of the greatest enemies of the Holy Virgin. » Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, October 12, 2008, Colmar

 And confronted with the censored Ave Maria in Lourdes, what did Bishop Tissier de Mallerais do ? Has he followed the example of the Macchabees or has he lacked courage ?

Where stayed his profession of the Faith? What happened to Bishop. Tissier in the 13 days between Colmar on October 12th and Lourdes on October 25th?

«  All these high placed people (conciliar as well as all tendencies of the “ Tradition “) thus met on Saturday evening to have a procession together. This little “ Assisi “ so prefigured the coming integration of the SSPX in the conciliar church.

It is a conciliar “priest” who steered the ceremony down from the stairs of the square of the basilica of the Rosary. Several conciliar laymen pronounced the very progressive “meditations” of the rosary (joyful mysteries with “ave” and very particular “gloria’s”) where Our Lord Jesus Christ was naturally addressed with the familiar „tu”.

All the clergy of the SSPX was present behind it’s 4 bishops (even Bishop Tissier! This one had made the day before the famous “ road of the Jubilee “ by stopping to pray some time on his knees in front of the side altar of the parish church, the altar of the counterfeit Holy Sacrament of Luther's mass!!!).

They were all there! Even Avrillé and the Dominican sisters! All the District Superiors! All the superiors of the Seminaries! An important number of seminarists (the seminarists of Ecône had to come to Lourdes by their own means. About ten had remained at home)! All moved cheerfully, torch in hand.

Several faithful of the SSPX, shocked and feeling deceived by their clergy, left the procession. Some of them, meeting in the cave, decided to recite the rosary in a loud voice and were joined, little by little, by others enlarging their number.

Several persons asked what took place. In front of this surrealist picture, in the compact crowd present on the esplanade, a lady of a certain age, a faithful of the SSPX and utterly confused in front of what she noticed under her eyes, asked: “ Where are our priests? “ She was answered: “Right here, Madam, mixed with the others, with the conciliar ones and those of Ecclesia Dei! “. “ But that is impossible, let them go out from there. They have lost their head, “ she replicated with tears in her eyes, thus realizing like others that evening that something had just changed.  The treason of the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre by his sons in the episcopate in this twentieth anniversary of the consecrations became official by this public act.

At the end of the procession, the conciliar “bishop”, while accompanying the pilgrimage of the Gardians,  gave his “blessing”. On the knees or up, the clergy as well as the monks and the nuns of the SSPX signed themselves with the cross.

The counterfeit-conciliar “priest” who had steered in the microphone the procession with torches then invited the priests and the faithful  “ to exchange a peace gesture “!!! “

Testimony received on Lourdes

According to an opinion, which circulates widely among the priests, this snare procession demonstrated, by its grotesque, its scandal and its just refusal by the faithful, that possible agreements with Rome would be an impasse and would lead to the break-up of the SSPX.

  In the last news, father De Cacqueray seems more and more embarrassed in front of the scandal aroused by his « organization » of this procession, and he takes back the explanation reported above and explains that it is due to a « technical skid » that the SSPX had been pushed aside from the microphone.

  And as an act of good will, father De Cacqueray explains that “ next year it will not take place like this, the SSPX will not be abused any more “! But next year, where will be father De Cacqueray? Will he still be superior of the District of the SSPX? Will he already be in the apostate conciliar church, having finally triumphed in his constant efforts?

So that is father De Cacqueray, responsible, as superior of the District of France, for this snare procession, who presents himself henceforth as victim and who tries to make forget his responsibility by taking refuge behind problems of microphone control. 

See what he has become.

 This clearly shows the failure of this operation of forced “reconciliation” (deserving of the G.R.E.C. of the fathers Lorans and Celier) between the conciliar world and the faithful of the SSPX.

This last attitude of father De Cacqueray also shows his mediocre government of the District, because by his fault, his thoughtlessness, his stubborn and sympathizing protection of the priests of the camarilla of the reunification (father Celier, Cocault-Duverger, etc.) he has put his superiors and the bishops in a ridiculous and despicable situation which compromises them.

After having censored them during all summer (Bishop. Fellay's intervention at Villepreux has never been published by father De Cacqueray on La Porte Latine), the same father De Cacqueray very apparently has put the bishops of the SSPX at odds with their own most recent statements in Colmar or in Villepreux (censored by him in France).

La Porte Latine tries to obscure the scandal and the failure of the snare procession, deceitfully presenting[3] the procession as an activity fully controlled by the SSPX and set up solely by its faithful :

Just to what level of disrepute will father De Cacqueray lead the SSPX ?

This unprecedented scandal that has bespattered the totality of the SSPX, the bishops, the priests, the monks and the nuns of friendly communities, and this in an international way, being henceforth passé and filed in history, so, which next disaster, which next public dishonest compromises, is father De Cacqueray [4] going to provoke again, and his indispensable team of untouchable small censors of Suresnes (fathers Celier, Cocault-Duverger, etc.), these infiltrators who obstinately work for the reunification with the apostate priest Ratzinger-Benoît XVI? 

 After this “ mini-Assisi of the SSPX in Lourdes “ for which Suresnes is responsible, after its “birth” by each believer “ of the God who saves “, which will be the next bad blow of Suresnes which will come to dirty and compromise Archbishop Lefebvre's work?

Will sanctions finally help to get rid of the untouchable clergy that is permanently responsible of these censorships and these scandals?

 (to be followed…)

 Let us keep on fighting the good fight


Pictures of the snare procession lead by the conciliar ones

Father Prior of Avrillé : delighted and thrilled

Father Prior of Avrillé : delighted and thrilled

The clergy of the SSPX behind the conciliar counterfeit priest

The clergy of the SSPX behind the conciliar counterfeit priest

The Dominican nuns in the conciliar procession

The Dominican nuns in the conciliar procession

The seminarists of Ecône in the snare procession

The seminarists of Ecône in the snare procession

Lourdes, Avrillé in the procession

Avrillé in the procession

Lourdes, Clergy of the SSPX

Clergy of the SSPX

Bishop Fellay

Father Beauvais and Father Sélégny

Fathers Beauvais and Sélégny


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